• Green, Color Theory, and You

    Image of green forest

    It’s that time of year again! The time of year for spring cleaning and maybe repainting a room, or two, since you’re rearranging everything, anyway. Or maybe you’re thinking of replacing a few items in your closet that’s starting to …

  • Rare Green Gemstones

    A pile of various green gems

    Quick! Name three green gemstones off the top of your head!

    Here’s a guess at what you thought of: emerald, jade, agate (if specifically moss, give yourself extra points).

    If you guessed something different, like green jasper or green sapphire, …

  • Bead Weaving – What Is It?

    The Art of Bead Weaving

    There are endless ways to create beautiful beaded jewelry and one of the techniques that we haven’t talked much about is Bead Weaving. This technique is exactly what it sounds like, you weave beads …

  • Gem Grading: What is important?

    What is involved with Gem Grading?

    Gems are graded by four characteristics known as the “four C’s.” Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat, (size). Learning a bit about gem grading is helpful for assessing how valuable a gemstone is. In our …

  • Creative Inspiration – Where to Start?

    Get creative with these tips!

    Being a designer sounds fun 24-7 but it is actually a lot of work and can sometimes be challenging when you get a creative block. Every great design starts with a great idea and occasionally …

  • Gem Show

    Gem Show This Weekend!

    We had planned for our gemshow to be in March but we just can’t wait any longer, the gem show is happening this weekend! Friday, February 17 from 12-6pm and Saturday February 18 from 11-4pm. We …