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The newest member of the Beadworks family, our Fairfield store is perfectly situated on the Post Road in Fairfield, nestled between Hands on Pottery and Bodega, so plan to spend the afternoon with us. Beadworks Fairfield is an energizing and creative experience for novices of all ages as well as a comprehensive resource for professional designers. Birthday parties and Ladies Night Out are just a few of the special events hosted at Beadworks Fairfield. Come in to create something on the spot or call 203-955-1550 to plan an event of your own.

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Our Birthday Month Continues with a Sale on All Gemstone Rondelles!

Beadworks is turning 30 this month and we’re so excited to share this with you! We’re celebrating the whole month with events and sales every week. This week, from Sept. 17 to Sept. 23,  all of our ravishing gemstone rondelles are 30% off! We have every shade, size, and stone to suit your style. From astonishing Aquamarine to lovely Lapis ...
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Go back to school with a new Leather Wrap Bracelet!

School is back in session, so join let us teach you how to make this stunning piece of jewelry! You can choose from our charming collection of gemstones, from the covetous Carnelian to the quiet Quartz, and chromatic cords to make a colorful cuff all your own. We’ll teach you the trick to mastering Chan Luu’s technique of tying thread ...
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Advanced Silk Knotting – How to use multiple strands of silk

Traditional silk knotting is a staple of jewelry making for a reason. It’s an easy skill to master and a fairly quick project, but looks impressively intricate and time consuming. The art of putting knots in the correct place, whether that’s right up next to beads or with a solid two inches of space between each one, is a well ...
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Precious Peridot Protects the Humble Heart

The precious Peridot is August’s birthstone and it’s a masterful match. Peridot is one of the only precious gemstones to have one color, though it has many shades. This glorious gem is usually green with either a yellow hue or brown seemingly painted over the stone to create stunning shapes and windows to the color. Because Peridot is so very ...
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Heavenly Turquoise

Rocks made from the Heavens Turquoise is one of the most unique gemstones because of it’s heavenly hues and rare geographic origins. It gets its name from the French word for Turkish, since the first turquoise brought to Europe came from Turkey. Who knew? The formation is almost completely dependent on weather and local minerals. For example, turquoise will form ...
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Pearls and their many shapes

The Pearl is one of the less popular of the birthstones, which is a true shame. Pearls have a fascinating history in jewelry, come in just about every color and shape, and are absolutely lovely. One of the more interesting facts about the Pearl is how they’re formed. Unlike most gemstones found in Beadworks, Pearls are considered mineraloids, like Amber, ...
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Introduction to Soldering: A beginner’s guide to metal jewelry

Torch soldering is one of the more advanced classes we offer at Beadworks, but it’s also one of the most useful skills you can learn! Torch soldering can be applied to repairs or fashioning uniquely intricate pendants. You can solder chain to the back of a pendant, ensuring you’ll never lose the priceless piece. If you’ve been making jewelry for ...
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Proud Purveyor of Pairs and Pendants!

We here at Beadworks are proud purveyors of breathtaking beads in every shade, shape, and size. To celebrate our soft spot for striking stones, we’re having a satisfying sale! All this month, you can buy any one of our pairs or pendants and get 10% off. If you find a matching pendant to that perfect pair, you can buy both for ...
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Celebrate National Small Business Week with Us!

National Small Business Week is dedicated to celebrating enthusiastic entrepreneurs and their achievements as small business owners. It’s held during the first week of May, sometimes including the last days of April, and started in 1963 with President John F. Kennedy calling for the celebration of small businesses. Every year since, there have been functions and conventions held to promote small ...
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