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  • Heavenly Turquoise

    Rocks made from the Heavens

    Turquoise is one of the most unique gemstones because of it’s heavenly hues and rare geographic origins. It gets its name from the French word for Turkish, since the first turquoise brought to Europe came …

  • Proud Purveyor of Pairs and Pendants!

    We here at Beadworks are proud purveyors of breathtaking beads in every shade, shape, and size. To celebrate our soft spot for striking stones, we’re having a satisfying sale! All this month, you can buy any one of our pairs …

  • Celebrate National Small Business Week with Us!

    Image of a banner celebrating small business week

    Image of Mayor Rilling touring small businesses of Norwalk

    National Small Business Week is dedicated to celebrating enthusiastic entrepreneurs and their achievements as small business owners. It’s held during the first week of May, sometimes including the last days of April, and started in 1963 with President John F. …

  • Why are diamonds different colors?

    Image of black diamonds

    Diamonds are universally acknowledged as one of the hardest substances on earth. In fact, this knowledge is so common, the word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adámas” for unbreakable. Throughout history, diamonds have been used as tools for cutting …

  • How to write Rune Scripts

    Image of rune script

    Runes have been used for centuries as in jewelry and armor, starting with the Vikings. They can be found in writings, as bindrunes on jewelry, or as rune scripts on armor.

    A rune script is a series of runes that …

  • Rare Green Gemstones

    A pile of various green gems

    Quick! Name three green gemstones off the top of your head!

    Here’s a guess at what you thought of: emerald, jade, agate (if specifically moss, give yourself extra points).

    If you guessed something different, like green jasper or green sapphire, …