Super Bored By the Super Bowl?

Come in and have a Super Jewelry Party instead!

The Super Bowl is a time to get your friends together, have some beers, eat junk food and watch football. While we love having a good time with our friends we just aren’t huge football fans and end up bored and wishing we could do something else. So this Sunday February 5th we think inviting your fellow non football friends over for a super jewelry making party with food and drinks sounds like a better idea! Beadworks Norwalk can arrange to have food catered, and will have a staff member ready to help your group with a fun jewelry project. This will be a  Super Jewelry Sunday you won’t ever forget. Plan a jewelry making party in our store by calling us at 203-852-9194 or visit our Parties Page and fill out a request form on the bottom of the page here.

And don’t worry, we will welcome football fans with open arms! They can make jewelry inspired by the colors of their favorite team! For the rest of your party just let loose and have fun at your super jewelry party!