The Power of the New Moon – New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

Image of new moon

The new moon is all about new things. A surprise, I know, but stick with me. Just like the full moon, the new moon refers to the three days before, day of, and three days after the actual new moon. It’s the perfect time for fresh starts and finding new hobbies, as well as starting things. Starting something is not the same thing as a fresh start, it can be starting that book you keep meaning to read instead of starting a new class on wire wrapping.

Starting New

If you want to learn a new skill or just break out of old habits, now’s the time to do it. Want to learn the difference between charms and talismans, maybe how to make them? Well, the new moon is the perfect time to do just that and make those charms or talismans dedicated to fresh, new beginnings. Find yourself always going to the same bar with the same friends every week? This time, go to that new pub that opened just last month. Or are you finding yourself falling into a routine that’s just as comfortable as it is boring? Now’s the time to shake things up and have scrambled eggs instead of a fried one for breakfast (no need to go overboard). Feeling like you’ve gone as far as you can at your job and want something more? Quit your job, move somewhere exotic and start all over (just because there’s no need doesn’t mean you can’t, it’ll be fun). There is no limit to what you can do, so go off and do everything!


If that’s daunting, or you are quite happy with what you’re up to, then why not start…something? Anything, really. Innovation will likely come to you during this time. Are you stuck on a project and couldn’t keep working it until you fixed the problem? Give it a thought and you’ll likely find that fix during the new moon. Are you trying to pick up an old skill, like playing the oboe or quilting? Go back to it now, you’ll find it’s just like riding the proverbial bicycle.