The Powers of the Waxing Moon – Growth and Healing

Image of waxing moon

The waxing moon is probably more important than the full moon for certain things. It’s the time for growing and building, as well as mending.


Use this time to make a charm or talisman dedicated to growth, personal or otherwise. This period is a fantastic time to keep at those new things you started last week during the new moon. Keep up practicing that oboe, or those kickboxing classes you just started. Or just keep working on that project, you’ll find the motivation to just keep at it. This is also a good time to build a friendship out of a new acquaintance, like that new coworker you think is cute. Do you have a houseplant that looks less than healthy? Try replanting it, it’ll help bring that poor houseplant to its glory.


The waxing moon helps mend things, like that cut on your finger from making dinner last night or that one friendship that fell apart. Call them up and see if you can grab a coffee to catch up, even if it’s over Skype. Have an estranged family member? Are you that family member? Either way, reach out to them, it’s the best time to do it. Did you get into a fight with a loved one? Go apologize and work through whatever the fight was about. The waxing moon is in your corner and your relationships will benefit from your efforts. Reaching out first and trying to understand, not compromise just understand, will do wonders for you and those you care about.

The physical healing refers only to mending, as well. Talismans or charms for healing made during the waxing moon will only help injuries like a broken leg or a cut, something that can be closed. Got a fence that needs to be mended? First, go fix that, you don’t want your beloved cat, Sir Fluffikins, to escape, do you? Second, that’s the exact kind of injury best helped by a healing talisman you made during this phase of the moon.