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As the seasons evolve, so should your creativity! We’re introducing a brand new wire wrapping class this month, taught by the notable Nour. In this class, you’ll learn how to use wire and beads of your choice to create a terrific Tree of Life!

The Tree of Life has been a symbol of knowledge and the interconnections of different worlds for centuries. In Norse, the mythical tree, Yggdrasil, has been used as a map of the Nine Realms, showing up in modern film. For ancient Egyptians, the Tree of Life represented the story of creation. In Buddhist lore, the Bodhi tree represents the very tree the Buddha sat under when he attained enlightment.

The Tree of Life is also a universal symbol of growth and nature, so use this chance to grow your skills! It is recommended that you take our Intro to Wire Wrapping class before this one, as the technique uses all those basics. You can choose your own colors and stones to make your own Tree of Life!

As this spring season evolves, so should your creativity! The Tree of Life is a universal archetype found in ancient history, mythology, and religion. Generation after generation, it has stood as a symbol of growth, connection to nature, and transformation. In this mid-level class [simplify/explain] taught by our on staff wire wrapper Nour, you will learn how to make your own meaningful Tree using wire and gemstone beads. The class is 1.5 hours and costs $50.

Class Info

The class runs for 1.5 hours and costs $50.

It will be held on:
Fri. May 26, 1 – 2:30 pm


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