The Power of the Full Moon – Charms and Talismans for Completion

Image of full moon

The moon is full, so it’s the perfect time to finish all languishing projects and tie up loose ends. Traditionally, the full moon doesn’t refer to just the night of the full moon, but the three days before and after the full moon.

Completion and Culmination

Leading up to the 4th day of the full moon, it is best to make charms and talismans dedicated to completion and achieving one’s goals. Is there something you keep meaning to get back to but just can’t find the energy? Now’s the time to give it a try, even if you feel like you can only give five minutes to a three hour project. How about that book you keep meaning to finish? Go back to it and try again. Whether you actually do finish these things during the week of the full moon isn’t all that important. Just get started on them. The full moon will help give you the motivation to actually finish the thing you keep putting off.

Moving on and starting new

The three days after the full moon are a good time to reflect on something that is completed. This time is the start of the moon’s waning period, use it to look back, maybe reconnect with a friend. This is a good time to mourn an end of something, but only as it gives you strength and comfort. Did a relative recently pass? Use this time to think on what they helped you with and do something positive. Did a relationship end? Instead of feeling down and hurt, focus instead on how you changed and grew. The full moon marks a turn in time. Growth is finished and is ready to be passed on to the next thing. So go finish that project! You’ll want a new one for next month.