Enjoying your independence!?!? We hope so!

Independence Day is celebrated across the nation every July 4th with fireworks, food, family, and fun. The first place in the USA to hold any kind of celebration for the holiday was Philadelphia, PA in 1777.

Tensions were high and tempers short in the decade leading up to the Revolutionary War. The original 13 colonies were being taxed without any representation in British Parliament, families had to host British soldiers in their homes, the list goes on. Things were far from independent. If King George III had listened and allowed representatives into the taxation parliament, things would be very different today. Instead, taxes were transformed into tariffs on British goods, so the US responded with the Declaration of Independence. A document telling the British we the original 13 colonies were done with their nonsense. It is time to try to do things without their influence.

Independence Day celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Before the Revolutionary War, there was an annual holiday to celebrate the King of England’s birthday. There were bonfires, concerts, and cookouts throughout the 13 colonies. During the Revolutionary War, those celebrations continued, but instead of celebrating King George III’s birthday, people were holding mock funerals in protest. These traditions were carried over to what we now know as Independence Day.



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July 2, 2017