Power of the Waning Moon – Protection and Healing

Image of waning moon

The waning moon is just as important to talismans and charms as the full or new moon. Talismans or charms made now should be dedicated to protection and healing, banishment and ends.

Protection & Banishing

Protection is ever present through the moon’s cycle because of how much it can help weary travelers lost at night. For this phase, it’s about keeping threats and other bad stuffs away from you. If they’re already part of your life, use this time to push them away. This is a time of active endings and cleaning out the things that are impeding your growth. Use this time to clean house and reorganize your kitchen. End a draining relationship that’s been going on too long or isn’t healthy for anyone anymore. If it’s not making you a happier, healthier person, then now’s the time to give it the boot (except for that chocolate cake in the fridge, that can stay).


The healing aspect of the waning moon is centered around the idea of shrinking and banishing. This would be the perfect time to make a talisman to help with shrinking a cancerous¬†tumor or getting rid of the ever annoying flu virus. If you feel like you’re coming down with something, take the time off and let your body heal before it can get worse. Got a sniffle? Watch Game of Thrones while drinking lots of tea and orange juice, even if it’s just a sniffle. You’ll be over it before it blossoms into that seasonal cold and spread to everyone you work with. And it’s a good excuse to watch Game of Thrones (as if you needed one).