Business Building Workshop: Make It Official

MAKE IT OFFICIAL: Going from Side-hustler to Solopreneur
Friday, September 22, 9:00AM
Part of our free Birthday Workshop series

Growing your side hustle into a viable, flourishing business is a journey, and every journey has a timeline — but when you’re building a business of your own, the steps aren’t always clear. Are you a budding designer ready to go wholesale? What are the benefits and challenges of building your passion into a business, and how do you tackle the process? How is a successful “solopreneur” able to manage every aspect of their project?

Come learn the nitty-gritty of getting your venture off the ground in this FREE workshop: we’ll go over basics such as when to register for a sales license, how to incorporate, and when to get a lawyer. We’ll discuss pricing, organizational strategies, and the pros and cons of different selling platforms, from street festivals and webstores to selling on consignment through brick-and-mortars.

This hands-on workshop will be lead by Abigail Wall — small business veteran, MBA, former consultant, and, most importantly, our owner! With years of experience running a women owned & centered business, Abigail’s business advice will be of special interest to all you female entrepreneurs out there, exploring the specific challenges women face in the business world.

The workshop will conclude with a Q&A, so be sure to send questions to in advance so she can prepare answers. Workshops fill up fast, so reserve your spot now: RSVP here!

Full morning schedule: