Well, we wouldn’t be authentically Philly if we weren’t excited to see the Eagles in the Superbowl! And we also wouldn’t be true jewelry addicts if we didn’t celebrate with an Eagles-inspired combination of green and mystic labradorite…

In all seriousness, our favorite sports teams can provide great color scheme inspiration — plus, there’s something so fun about a subtle shoutout where you least expect it!

Ever wondered what “mystic” means?

You might notice some stones we carry including labradorite and peach moonstone have a special glisten about them — we refer to them as “mystic,” but just how to they get that supernatural sheen? The mystic appearance is actually created synthetically with a nanofilm treatment called thin film deposition. This coats the stone with reflective particles, creating the signature kaliedoscopic finish of “mystic” stones.

Caring for your mystic stones

While the finish on mystic stones is incredibly durable owing to the nanofilm technology used to create it, do be mindful that it is a surface finish. To keep your stones looking their best, care for them just like you would care for your favorite pearls — that means no cleaning with abrasive cloths, and no acid, ultrasonic or steam cleaning. Instead, use windex or simple soap and warm water to remove surface oils and restore the stones to their signature luster.

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January 28, 2018
February 6, 2018