Om: The Sound of the Universe

Image of Om symbol

Recognize this symbol? Om is a very common occurrence in the jewelry world. It is found on many beads, charms and pendants. Including symbolic beads like this in your own handmade jewelry is a great way to make your beaded necklaces and bracelets more meaningful.

What does Om symbolize?

Om is a sacred sound and mantra, and an important spiritual symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is considered to be imperishable and immutable as it is thought to be a letter that cannot be broken down any further.

Modern Uses

Today, Om is a fairly recognizable symbol worldwide. It often appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit prayers. Many people believe that this slow, calming chant is the sound made when all of creation came into existence. People often recite this chant during meditation and prayer, and you may have even heard it during your yoga classes. 

Since this symbol appears on many charms at Beadworks, why not add it as the focal point (or guru bead) to your next prayer bead necklace?