How to Use Leather Cord Ends

Learn how to use Leather Cord in your Handmade Jewelry

Leather cord in handmade jewelry making is having a moment right now. Gemstone beads and pearls pair beautifully with suede lace, deerskin lace or leather cord. Customers at Beadworks are often excited about the possibilities but stumped when it comes to finishing their necklace or bracelet and adding a clasp. Leather cord ends and findings to the rescue!

In fairness, leather has always been popular beading supply because it’s such a wonderful way to contrast the hardness of beads and gemstone beads with something soft and earthy. Because it’s been around so long, jewelry designers have come up with a wide variety of ways to connect the leather cord to clasps and jewelry findings.

Now you have this beautiful necklace or bracelet that you handmade on leather and need to figure out a way to finish it off. Here we will outline the types of leather cord ends we carry at Beadworks and when you should use them.

Fold Over Crimp Jewelry Findings

Leather cord ends
Fold Over crimps

These are the most versatile type of cord end that we carry at Beadworks. We carry these in plated metal as well as Sterling Silver Beads and Gold Filled beads and jewelry findings. Round or flat leather cording is inserted into the cord end, secured with a small dab of flexible adhesive like Hypo Cement and then crimped. To crimp, simply take the flat pliers and fold the ends over themselves over the end of the leather cord. We have a basic pdf that shows the technique – click here to view

Tulip Leather Cord Findings

Tulip End for Leather Cord
Tulip Cord End

Tulip cord ends can be used on thicker leather like a 1.5mm or larger. To use these, with flat pliers just move around the ends and pinch it shut around your leather cord. We also carry these in plated metal as well as Sterling Silver and Vermeil.

Rounded Ends Jewelry Findings

Rounded Cord End For Leather Cord
Rounded Cord End

These jewelry findings we only carry in Sterling Silver and Gold Filled. Rounded leather cord ends are great for when you have made a necklace or bracelet using thin leather cord such as 1.5mm or smaller. All you do is “squish” the tube flat around your leather cord.

Ribbon Crimps Jewelry Findings

Ribbon Crimp or Flat Crimp For Leather Cord
Ribbon Crimp

Ribbon crimps are used when you use flat cording. We carry these in plated metals. They are also very simple to use.


Whatever cord you prefer, we’ve got the perfect findings for finishing off your project. Stop by if you have any questions about a particular cord ending, and get ready to wear your amazing creations!