Charms for Good Luck: Symbolism in Jewelry

Good luck charms for handmade jewelry shown on vintage postcard

Charms for your Jewelry to Bring Good Luck & Good Fortune

Wishbone charms, Hamsa hand necklace, Four leaf clover charms, Beadworks has them all but there are more classic symbols of luck that you can find at Beadworks to use as good luck charms in your handmade jewelry! St. Patrick’s Day always reminds us of the luck of the Irish but every culture in the world has its own symbols of good luck and good fortune that they included in their jewelry making.

Horseshoe Charms

Horseshoes, they’re not just for barns! Commonly thought of as a symbol of protection and luck, horseshoes have much folklore surrounding them. You may be wondering if it’s bad luck to hang a horseshoe facing down, and there is some debate about this. Some believe that the U should be upright to “catch” good luck, while others say that the U should point down to spread luck onto others. Either way, a horseshoe charm is a classic addition to the end of a necklace or a great staple in a charm bracelet.

Hamsa Hand Necklaces and Hamsa Charm

Another great symbol that may be overlooked is the Hamsa hand or Hand of Fatima. This symbol has origins in both Jewish and Muslim traditions. It goes by many different names, all of them loosely translated to mean “Hand of God”. The Hamsa is said to bring good fortune and protection to those who wear it. There are so many different styles of the charm, and they look great as an addition to a Buddha Bracelet. You can also make your own Hamsa necklace to create an atmosphere of luck and protection around you.

Gold Hamsa hand or hand of fatima charms

Wishbone Charm

Yes, I know it’s not Thanksgiving! The wishbone is a timeless good luck charm, as its symbolism for luck has been around for centuries. The term “lucky break” even comes from this tradition of breaking the V-shaped furcula bone from a turkey, chicken, or duck. Whoever gets the longer piece after the bone breaks is supposed to get their wish. Some ancient civilizations used to think that birds had divine powers, and would save the wishbone and use it to make a wish, hence the name we call it today. If you’re like me, you won’t want to walk around with a turkey bone hanging on your neck. Lucky for you, there are wishbone charms that you can wear instead.  A simple silver wishbone charm or gold charm looks beautiful at the end of a dainty chain.

Now that we know a little bit more about the meaning behind these common symbols of luck, you can incorporate them into your jewelry making. Now is the perfect time to create a charm bracelet that focuses on bringing good luck, or making a necklace for someone else with a good luck charm as the pendant. Make a wish as you put it on so that you are reminded of your good luck wherever you go. Whatever you decide to make, good luck!