How To: Chain Fringe Earrings

Earrings with gold filled chain and turquoise gemstone beads

We’re super excited to be seeing this trend everywhere – shoulder dusting statement earrings. They are so versatile and there are endless ways to make a pair that is one-of-a-kind. Here, we’ll be walking you through the steps to make some simple earrings with a chain fringe. So first, stop by the shop, pick out your favorite stones, and let’s get to making!

Let’s Get Started

  • First, start with your statement bead or stone. Why not try bloodstone, one of March’s birthstones?
  • Cut a length of wire quite a bit longer than the bead you are using. Next, thread the wire through the bead and create a loop on both ends of the bead using the simple loop method.
  • Next, we’ll attached the top loop to our earwire. Use pliers to open up the loop at the bottom of the earwire, and attach the top loop of the bead onto the earwire. Close the loop to secure your bead.
  • Next, you’ll want to cut a few pieces of equal length chain.  Five pieces will create a nice effect without feeling too crowded. Adjust this number depending on the size of chain you are using. If it’s a larger chain, use less, and vice versa.
  • Now, open a jump ring and attach each piece of chain to the jump ring. Before closing the jumpring, attach it to the bottom loop on your bead. Once the jumpring with the chain is fastened to the loop on your bead, you can close the jumpring. That’s it! You’re all finished. Just make sure that there are no sharp edges on the chain or the wire before you wear your earrings.

Wondering which gold wire, chain, and earwire to use? Look no further than our post about the very topic! You’ll find out which variation of the metal is right for you.

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