Statement Earrings in the trendy Shoulder Duster Style

Shoulder Duster statement earrings made at Beadworks with freshwater pearls and labradorite gemstone beads

Statement Earrings are where the advantages of handmade jewelry really shine. Shoulder duster earrings are simply statement earring so long that extend down so low they could touch your shoulders. These statement earrings are showing up everywhere from the ears of models to someone walking down your street. They are a fun jewelry trend and a perfect excuse to make your own handmade earrings. We’ll outline here how to DIY but feel free to improvise! Our samples feature freshwater baroque pearls, sterling silver chain, and Labradorite gemstone beads.

All you’ll need is some chain, earwire,  jump rings, beads of your choice, and some jewelry making tool – pliers and wire cutters. You can also feel free to add as many extras as you’d like!

  • First thing you’ll want to do is select your beads for the bottom of the earring.
  • Slide your bead onto a headpin and create a loop at the top using the simple loop method. This will allow you to attach the bead onto your sterling silver chain. (If you prefer gold-fill chain or more economical plated chain, don’t worry, Beadworks has that too. You could even add an edgy element with Gunmetal Chain!)
  • Next, measure a length of chain. The length of the chain depends on how low you want your earrings to dangle, but 3.5 inches is a good place to start.
  • To finish off the earrings, open the loop at the bottom of your earwire and thread the chain onto it. Close the loop using your jewelry pliers and , voilà! You’re done with your first earring! Repeat these steps to complete the pair.

There are so many variations you can try to make these earrings as unique as you are. Add a spacer bead before and after your main bead. Use a simple, dainty sterling silver chain, or be a bit more daring and use a larger gold chain. It’s all up to you!