Mega Metals Event & Sale!

Strands of assorted gold plated and silver plated beads

Calling all metal heads! Beadworks is having a fantastic metals event this weekend that you will not want to miss.

This weekend we will be showcasing our brand new charms, chains, and strands, along with our tried and trusted metals that we have in stock. On top of that, we are having an amazing sale!

This weekend only, we will be giving a 30% discount a huge selection of our metals! This is in addition to our ongoing Naturals sale for April! This includes select styles of charms, chain, metal strands, beads, and yes, sterling silver and gold filled are included! Now is your chance to pick up the perfect spacer beads to pair with your rosewood rounds. Or the perfect chain to go with your favorite charm! Or finally pick up that strand of beautiful brass beads that you’ve been eyeing all year. Really, sales like this don’t happen everyday, so we hope to see you at Beadworks this Saturday and Sunday!

Metals Event & Sale

Friday April 13th, 12-6
Saturday, April 14th, 11-6

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