Learn How To Macrame With Us!

Macrame bracelet made with cotton cord and a hamsa hand charm

Macrame & Boho Fashion

If you were around during the 70’s, you’ve heard of macrame. For those of you who came later, you probably know macrame by now too! The popularity of this classic knotting technique has had its ups and downs but the ladies at Beadworks thinks its about to come back! We’re all about vintage jewelry, boho fashion and effortless looks this season.

Macrame has been used for ages. It is said to have been born of Arab weavers in the 13th century. The art eventually spread through Europe, and was also practiced by sailors while at sea. The sailors would trade their macrame goods when they docked, spreading it throughout the world. Though it lost some of its popularity through the years, macrame had a huge comeback in the 1970’s. If you go to any antique store, you’re bound to come across an intricate macrame wall hanging.

Macrame jewelry is something that I was personally obsessed with making in grade school. I made everything from simple bracelets to huge necklaces with bold glass pendants. Once you learn the basic knotting principles involved, you won’t be able to stop! It is a really versatile technique that you can use for your unique style by adding gemstone beads, sterling silver charms, or different colored leather. Sign up for the Macrame Bracelet class and I’ll teach you the foundation of macrame. We’ll make a bracelet using leather or cotton cord and you’ll have the option to choose from beads and charms to make this piece your very own.

Sign up for the Macrame Bracelet Class here! While you’re at it…check out our other classes and see if another technique tickles your fancy 🙂

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April 12, 2018