Gemini Gemstone Beads

moonstone gemstone beads perfect for any gemini

Gemini’s Time to Shine!

Now’s your time to pick out some gemstone beads that will bring out your playful side, Gemini. Let’s talk about some beads that you can use to make a meaningful necklace or bracelet that will help to balance your dual nature.

One of your strengths as a Gemini is communication. That being said, any blue gemstone beads will help to align your throat chakra. This will help make sure you are always saying what you mean. Try out kyanite or blue lace agate on a necklace (right by the throat) to aid in your communication. This can include how others communicate with you, as well as how you come across to others.

Geminis are known for being skilled in many different trades, which means your lives are open to many opportunities. This can sometimes make it seem like you are being pulled in many directions. Moonstone and blue lace agate are a great combination to bring balance into your life, so you are not pulled too thin. Include both of these gemstone beads in one piece of handmade jewelry to help ease stress.

Personalized jewelry does not always have to include your traditional birthstone. If you don’t feel like you relate to your birthstone, take a look at your zodiac sign and find out if there are other stones you can use in your life!