Memory Wire is your friend

pink memory wire

What is Memory Wire?

Memory Wire is a type of wire that even when stretched out, springs back to its original shape. The structure of this wire makes this material extremely versatile and easy to use. Here at Beadworks, we carry Three sizes, small(ring), medium(bracelet), and large(necklace).


Going to a party this summer and want to bring more than a fruit bowl? You can take memory wire beading to the next level and create personalized wine glass charms for your BBQ’s this summer. Have a themed party planned? Grab some beads that go with your theme and attach some of our metal charms to make each piece unique.  Your funky and fresh handmade charms are sure to catch anyone’s eye and keep their glasses organized.


The medium wire is primarily used to make stunning bracelets or even anklets!  Think outside of the box and create a multi-layered bracelet that wraps around your wrist. This style will not only create beautiful beading height up your arm, but if you stack it with your favorite gemstone beads, you are sure to have a crazy positive aura.


Last but certainly not least, the larger wire is the perfect size to make collar bone accenting necklaces. Just like the rings and bracelets, you can either fill the whole wire with your favorite gemstone and glass beads or place a few for a dainty accent piece. One great design is adding the gemstone beads associated with the Chakras to make your very own elegantly simple Chakra necklace. It is sure to balance out your energy and since it was hand made by you, you can imprint your own desires and wants onto the gemstones, making it that much more personal.


You can always sign up for a private class Here if you want to learn more techniques.