Let’s Talk Necklace Length

Try out a different necklace length for your next project

The holidays are fast approaching, so we know you’ll be creating up a storm of handmade jewelry pieces! One of the toughest parts about making jewelry is figuring out how long to make it. Customers are always asking us for a second opinion about how much chain or leather they’ll need to create the perfect piece of jewelry.

When making a necklace, it’s super helpful to think about the length first. It will help shape the final outcome and style of the piece overall. We’re always here to help if you’re not sure!

First, think about who will be wearing the necklace. It doesn’t have to be someone you know, but think about where this person is going. The office? The opera? Just taking the dog for a walk? Necklace length plays into how formal or casual the final product will be.

We’ve compiled a few of the universal necklace lengthsĀ to make it a little easier for you to decide!


This necklace length is typically called a choker. This one can be tricky, so make sure you know it will fit the necklace wearer. Despite the name, we don’t want them actually choking!


This is the most common necklace length out there. That just means it’s universally flattering for any body type or outfit. Depending on the materials used, this can go with casual attire or dress it up.


This size is somewhere between formal and casual. Let’s call it the semi-formal length. Perfect for the outfit that needs a little dressing up, but not too much.


This length will make any outfit look formal. Think of your fanciest friend, this is the perfect length for them! A necklace of this length can sometimes go all the way to someone’s midsection.

As always, you can come into the store and get help from our exceptional staff. It is helpful to see the chain or string you’ll be using for the necklace in person. You’ll be able to see how it drapes on the body and see where it falls at the different lengths.