Crimp Cover Hacks

Crimp Covers can be your best friend when making handmade jewelry. You can get pretty creative with these little guys. They aren’t just for covering crimp beads anymore! Here are some tricks that the Beadworks Team likes to do with Crimp Covers:

  • You don’t always need to find a bead that will fit your knot when you’re making a stretch bracelet, you can simply cover your knot with a crimp cover. This also gives your bracelet a more finished and sophisticated look.
  • We all make mistakes- do you have a tiny bit of space between your beads on your silk knotted piece that just took you 3 hours to knot? Place a crimp cover in for an asymmetrical look- no one will ever know!
  • If you need to wire wrap a pendant and don’t love the look of wire wrapping- make a small two or three coil wire wrap and place a crimp cover over your coil.
  • Lariats are still going strong and there are so many ways to finish them off. One of our favorite ways to end them is to crimp each end and then use a crimp cover to cover the crimp.