Spring Jewelry Inspiration: Cluster Earrings

Making jewelry with gemstone clusters are a great way to use up loose beads you may have accumulated over the years. Not to mention, gemstone cluster earrings are fun, fashionable, and perfect for Spring! There is no right or wrong way to make a gemstone cluster. At Beadworks, we like using a mixture of different gemstones in various shapes, cuts, and sizes. Don’t be afraid to mix gemstone rondelle beads with briolette drops.

Here’s our fool-proof guide to making your own fabulous pair of gemstone cluster earrings:

  • Find some inspiration. When we’re feeling stuck, we like going on Pinterest to give us some creative juice!
  • Make sure you have enough headpins. You may make mistakes, so it’s best to have extra headpins around.
  • You’ll also need half-hard round wire for your gemstone briolettes.
  • It’s extremely helpful to know how to wire wrap. Beadworks offers introductory wire-wrapping classes every week.
  • Lastly, have fun making them!