Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Designing and making your own jewelry requires so much time and patience, so it’s only right to treat each and every jewelry masterpiece with proper care.

Here are some of our favorite tips for properly taking care of handmade jewelry:
  • Avoid showering, exercising, and swimming with jewelry on. The sulfate from your shampoo, sweat from your skin, and salt from the ocean water can quickly tarnish your chain.
  • Invest in a polishing cloth or jewelry cleaning solution. Sterling silver chain and beads will need to be hand-polished every once in a while.
  • Store your jewelry in a safe and dry area. If you don’t have any room left in your jewelry box, you can always store your more delicate pieces in a clear plastic bag. Just remember to leave one end of the chain sticking out of the bag so that it doesn’t get tangled.

We hope you found our tips on proper jewelry-care helpful!