All About Sapphires – A Precious Gemstone and Birthstone

September is finally here and Virgo season is in full swing! If you were born in September, then your birthstone is a sapphire. Lucky for you, it is one of the most popular and valuable precious gemstones in history. Sapphire is also incredibly tough and durable. Beautiful sapphires are commonly used in high-end fine jewelry and handmade jewelry. These gorgeous beauties have even been used to adorn royal crowns throughout history. In fact, the only natural gemstone harder (and possibly more valuable) than sapphire is a diamond. Here at Beadworks, we carry a handful of high-quality blue and pink sapphire beads in briolette cuts, rondelles, and more.

Fun Fact: Sapphires and Rubies are almost identical in terms of value, hardness, and appearance. Click here to learn about rubies.