Know Your Gemstones: Mystic Beads

There are so many spectacular gemstones that are created and mined from our Earth. Gemstones that are used in handcrafted jewelry are often drilled and referred to as beads. Beads come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and specifications. For example, there are natural gemstone beads and enhanced gemstone beads. While some people prefer the natural state of gemstones, others enjoy the mystic coated gemstone beads because they tend to sparkle more.

Mystic gemstone beads are genuine stones with a thin metallic film infused within them. The metallic film coating is typically bonded within the gemstone. Therefore, it’s less likely that the coating will wear off.

All in all, gemstones with a mystic coating on them are beautiful and a great way to add a little bit of sparkle in your life! At Beadworks, you can find triple-A grade gemstones like labradorite, aquamarine, and garnet in desirable shapes and faceted cuts.