Proper Pearl Care

Tips for Caring for Freshwater Pearls

Quality freshwater pearls should be handled gently and cared for properly in order to preserve its beautiful lustrous sheen. Failure to properly care for pearls may result in discoloration and/or chipping, and who wants that to happen?!

We’ve decided to create a list of helpful tips that will hopefully keep your freshwater pearls looking beautiful.

1. Don’t store your pearls in a plastic bag.

Storing freshwater pearls in plastic bags may cause your pearls to dry out which may result in chipping. We recommend storing your pearls in a soft cloth bag and away from your other jewelry.

2. Keep your pearls away from harsh chemicals.

Take your pearls off before jumping into a pool or doing the dishes! The chlorine in water can damage your pearls beyond repair.  Be sure to also keep your pearls away from hairspray, body fragrances, and cosmetics.

3. Clean your pearls as needed.

If your pearls are visibly stained, then maybe it’s time for a gentle spot-cleaning. We recommend using a soft, clean cloth, lukewarm water, and mild soap or detergent. If your pearls have been traditionally silk knotted, then avoid dunking your pearl jewelry into the water as it may stretch and/or fray the natural silk cord.

4. If you have freshwater baroque pearls or expensive strands, then consider silk-knotting between each bead.

Traditional silk-knotting is a great way to secure each bead in the event that your necklace breaks. Not to mention, it’s a great way to prevent your pearls from knocking against one another! Want to learn this technique? Click here to sign up for our Traditional Silk Knotting Class.

Remember, we’re always here to help and happy to answer questions you may have. If you have a pearl necklace or bracelet that needs restringing, we offer jewelry repair services. Feel free to visit us in-store or contact us for more information.