5 Reasons Why Beading is Therapeutic

Here’s Why You Should Make Your Own Jewelry

Jewelry making is not just a fun and creative hobby, it can also be quite therapeutic for people of all ages. Once you learn your way around various jewelry making techniques, such as beading and silk knotting, you’ll find that it can be a great way to relieve stress.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should considering getting into (or back into) beading and making jewelry.

1. Beading encourages children, adults, and seniors to use their fine motor skills and work on their hand-eye coordination.

Beading isn’t just about being creative. It requires a great deal of concentration. No matter what your skill level is, all jewelry makers are encouraged to utilize their fine motor skills. For example, most wire-wrapping techniques require working with flat-nose pliers in one hand and round-nose pliers in the other. At first, it can be a bit tricky having to use two jewelry making pliers simultaneously, but over time, it gets easier.

2. Most jewelry making techniques are repetitive and do not require too much attention, making it a great relaxing activity.

Many jewelry making techniques, such as silk-knotting, involve repetitive movements. Once you learn the basic technique of making perfect knots in between each bead, you’ll find that it’s actually quite relaxing. In fact, many of our customers have told us that they enjoy making their Mala bracelets and necklaces while watching Netflix!

3. Beading provides a platform for self-expression.

Beading is a great form of self-expression. With so many gemstone beads, charms, jewelry chains, and findings to choose from, your options are practically limitless. Personally, we think that the best part about beading is being able to make the jewelry you want to wear for a fraction of the price.

4. Many people find peace and comfort from the metaphysical healing properties of the gemstones used for beading.

It is believed that each gemstone carries a set of spiritual healing powers. For example, Rose Quartz is great for promoting self-love and Kyanite is an excellent gemstone for staying focused. Many of our customers enjoy incorporating specific gemstone beads for their healing powers when creating their own personalized handmade jewelry. Chakra bracelets are great for unblocking all of your chakras and absorbing the energies of multiple healing crystals!

5. Lastly, beading is very budget-friendly. In fact, we have beads ranging from 25 cents to 25 dollars.

Beading is one of the few creative and relaxing hobbies that won’t put a dent in your wallet. It’s based entirely on your personal style and preferences, so you can spend as little or as much as you’d like on your jewelry making supplies. Here at Beadworks, we have beads starting from 25 cents per bead to $200+ for a strand of beautiful AAA+ natural Sapphires. Whatever your style may be, there’s always a way to include jewelry making into your lifestyle!

In conclusion, beading is a beneficial and affordable luxury in life that is perfect for people of all ages and walks of life! Visit us in-store for all of your beading needs or book a free Virtual Visit. Feel free to contact us with any questions or call us at 203-852-9194 if you need help booking your Virtual Visit.