Jewelry Hack: Layering Chain Necklaces Like a Pro

Jewelry Hack 101:

These multi-strand clasps will make your life THAT much easier!

Who doesn’t love wearing their favorite necklaces all at once?! Layered necklaces are trendy, stylish, and fun to wear. Of course, there are some minor inconveniences with wearing layered necklaces. For example, it can be quite frustrating having to untangle each necklace when they twist together. We’re going to share a little jewelry hack with you that will prevent your necklaces from getting tangled. Meet your new best friend: the multi-strand sliding clasp.

Here are some benefits of using a multi-strand sliding clasp:

  • Wearing many of your favorite pieces at once
  • Not having to worry about your necklaces tangling throughout the day

How to use a multi-strand clasp:

  1. Opening your clasp – Open your multi-strand clasp by holding the piece vertically in front of you, one hand should push up while the other is pulling down

2. Attaching your chain – After choosing your chain, attach a spring-ring clasp or lobster clasp to both ends of the chain. You will then attach the clasps to the corresponding ring on the multi-strand clasp. When choosing your chain, it is best to differentiate the lengths by about an inch.

Chain Extenders are another great + easy way to layer multiple necklaces at once. With a chain extender on your necklace, you can simply take away or add length at any given time, giving you more reason to be able to wear multiple of your favorite necklaces at once. They can also really be any type of chain as long as the chain has an opening wide enough for a clasp to fit at one end while a jump ring goes on the opposite end. Chain extenders typically range from 2″ – 5″ in length. Below are a few options we like to use here at ou shop as well as a few already created on a necklace.