Waist Beads 101

Waist beads are typically eclectic small colored glass beads on a wire or string that’s worn around the waist – commonly used as a decorative symbol tied to femininity. Though they have gained major popularity in America, the eccentric jewelry started in Africa. Many African women will wear waist beads to connect to their culture – sometimes used in ceremonies, when a women is pregnant, or a girl starting puberty.

Common Uses:

1. Losing weight – Customers have spoken highly about waist beads aiding in losing weight. You can feel the beads drop closer your lower abdomen when losing weight. A great way to keep track of weight without a number being involved.

2. Celebrating Heritage – The earliest tribe being found to use waist beads are the Yoruba Tribes’ in West Africa – mainly worn by women as decoration, sexual attraction, spiritual protection, + royalty.

3. Symbols of Femininity – Waist beads can help portray a stunning waistline + aid in self confidence knowing you’re wearing this beautiful jewelry under your clothing

Instagram is full of waist bead inspiration and we are so here for it + all of your waist bead needs! Come in and create your very own.