Tune Into All Things Heart Chakra

Open, Protect, Balance, and Realign Your Heart Chakra Energy.

There are many ways in which we can work towards wellness and creating jewelry is our idea of a helpful approach that allows you to focus on your personal needs. Whether it be a Buddha Bracelet for worry, a Prayer Bead Necklace for strength, an elastic bracelet, ring, or a set of earrings as a constant as a reminder… you can make healing jewelry to help you on your journey.

Here is a list of gemstones that will help you work with Heart Chakra Energy:

Green Jade- It is a talisman of good fortune and is said to open us up to friendship. It will dispel negativity from your aura and allow wisdom to be gained through the tranquility it provides. Jade encourages you to see your truest self and will balance, calm, as well as soothe your cardiac rhythm.

Prehnite– Prehnite is an amazing gemstone that doesn’t get enough attention! It is the healer for those that heal. Prehnite lights up the path of understanding, self, and others, which is where emotional confusion comes from. Prehnite is powerful and will heal the Heart Chakra from damages lost love.

We suggest reading more about Heart Chakra gemstones and metaphysical healing by visiting Crystal Vaults website

Color therapy is another option. Did you know that you can activate your Heart Chakra with more than gemstones. Wearing green clothes, eating more green food, choosing Heart Chakra essential oils, and even meditating with thoughts of green will help open that Heart to a flow of new energy.