How to use Silver Blackener

A few tips on blackening silver

Sometimes things are easier than we make them out to be… oh isn’t that too true for so many aspects of life? I’m sure we can all relate but for right now, lets talk about making jewelry simpler!! Blackening your silver isn’t hard at all and comes in handy. Whether you have silver earwires, clasps, charms, chain, and all the other hardware/findings that are just too bright or new looking or you want a more antiqued look, JAX can help.

We love the contrast of a darkened silver clasp against the sheen of white Pearls or when paired with the magical chatoyance of Labradorite. So many options!

JAX Silver Blackener

Here are some tips on how to use this solution for maximum success:

  1. Make sure your metal is completely clean
  2. To apply you can either dip the entire object into the solution or you can brush the solution onto the object with a bristle brush.
  3. Rinse well and let it dry.
  4. You can add more solution if you want a darker finish and so on

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