Know Your Symbols: Ankh

What does the Ankh symbolize?

The Ancient History Encyclopedia defines an Ankh as a symbol from ancient Egypt, dating from the Early Dynastic Period and it is known as the “key of life” or “the cross of life”. The Ankh is seen most of the time in the hand of a god or worn on the body of Egyptian royalty. It symbolizes a mortal existence as well as the afterlife, which were both very important parts of  life’s journey to the Egyptians. Many cultures believe both life on Earth and the after life are significant to the great journey through this Universe. One directly effects the other and therefore we can all find some relationship to the Ankh.

So what does the Ankh symbolize? Egyptologist, yes this is a word, have debated for years and they always come back to the Ankk as a symbol for Life.

Spirituality and symbols found in fashion

We are fortunate to live in a time of great expression and interconnection. We have the world at our fingertips and it feels as though is transforming. We are undergoing a profound awakening. Spirituality is at a high and we needed it, considering the stress caused by the last election. Those of us who make jewelry, like all mediums of art, have an outlet to heal ourselves and others or form a connection to Universal energy through our art. Maybe the pieces of jewelry you’re making are the messages your ancestors want you to continue spreading. Art and jewelry are saturated with symbols. Many of the gemstones we choose to work with carry just as infinite an interpretation as the Egyptian Ankh. Moonstone for divine femininity or Jade for protection. We have such a spectrum when it comes to ways of expressing our culture through our everyday lives and just like the Egyptians, we have symbols. The Celtic Cross, the Star of David, our Astrological signs, ect. are all representations of our beliefs.