More About Waist Beads

The history and modern uses of waist beads

Waist beads have been worn by women for as long as time has been recorded. Their history dates back to the early Egyptians as well as tribes in Western Africa. They were used for many reasons, mainly to symbolize status, entice the opposite sex, celebrate a young woman’s coming of age, or to monitor pregnancy. These are all still relevant reasons we wear waist beads today. One of the most significant modern uses for waist beads is for women who are facing adversity with fertility. Waist beads can also help with all levels of womb care.

Fertility Waist Beads

Infertility is a hard topic to discuss and often women are embarrassed to say they are experiencing complications. As children, procreating is what many of us were told our sole purpose was. So it is a painful obstacle to face. However, we are all sisters. We are here to support one another so please know you are far from alone. If you are struggling with conception and are open to crystal healing, look into making a set of waist beads for fertility.

Suggestions: Botswana Agate, Moonstone, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz or Unakite

Here at Beadworks, we hand make waist beads for people all the time as well as help them create their own. We have a large selection of gemstones and the rainbow in seed beads so we can accommodate any intention or style! No matter the reason, Beadworks is here to help you create the handmade jewelry you desire.