Wooden Beads: the Versatile Superstar

Wooden Beads

You know we love our gemstone beads here at Beadworks, but we want to take some time to shine the spotlight on one of our other favorites, wooden beads! Our natural bead selection is truly vast and there are tons of different varieties to choose from. We have Rosewood for a light feminine vibe, Redwood for a rich earthy look, and Tiger Ebony for more masculine styled jewelry. Mixing wood into your handmade jewelry appeals to everyone’s style, from the boho flower child to the flashy fashionista. We think wood deserves our attention, so let’s get to know it a bit better!

If you take a look at the natural beads section at Beadworks, you’ll notice that there are beads of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Wood is easy to work with and all of our wooden beads have relatively large holes so you can string them on wire or leather! We carry un-dyed natural wooden beads, like palmwood, painted wood, as well as burnt wood, which gives it a nice natural dark hue. Wooden beads are also very lightweight so you can wear a large chunky piece of jewelry without breaking your neck 🙂

Prayer Beads

A go-to choice for wooden beads is Prayer Bead necklaces and bracelets. When making traditional Buddhist prayer beads or malas, people tend to use wood or seeds from the Bodhi tree, which we have here at Beadworks! As we’ve mentioned before, you can really use any beads  you want for a Prayer Bead necklace. The intention behind the piece is really what matters, so choose beads that will remind you of why you’re wearing the jewelry or what you want to manifest. Malas are used to count mantras and to meditate so using a soft, smooth, wooden bead is a great choice for this purpose because they have a tranquility to them.

Dress it Up

Are wooden beads too causal for your taste? Think again! Since wood is so versatile, you can use many different methods to dress it up. Try adding a gold-filled or sterling silver bead cap to a wooden bead and see your piece instantly amplify your level of chic. This also allows you to incorporate more metal beads throughout the piece of jewelry you are making. We have plenty of gold and silver charms as well as bead caps and cones so there is no shortage of avenues to jazz up your wooden jewelry.

Gemstones and wooden beads look great together. Whether you use wood for the accents or vice versa. We love mixing 8mm Crazy Lace Agate faceted rounds with 8mm Rosewood on elastic for a powdery power stack! We’ve also used Rosewood as the band of the bracelet and chosen a flashy piece of Labradorite as the centerpiece. Theres something about combining the energies of wood and stone that feels good 🙂

Whatever your personal style, there are wooden beads at Beadworks perfect for you. We sell them on strands and as individual pieces so again… ts whatever you want! Make sure to spend some time around the natural beads section, as there are definitely some hidden gems in there.