The Beader’s Toolbox: Who’s Who?

Having the right tools and knowing how to use them is an important part of the journey to becoming an expert beader. Here is our go-to guide for putting together your toolkit and know exactly which tools you’ll need to complete your next project!

Needle nose plier

Use this plier to get a good grip on things that are too tiny for fingers to manage alone, or to pinch down sharp ends on wire wrapping projects. Using two of these, one in each hand, makes opening jump rings a breeze.

Round nose plier

These pliers are most useful for shaping round loops when you’re doing a briolette wire wrap for a pendant or creating chain links. Try not to use them to grip, though — your project will go flying!


While it can be tempting to simply use a needle nose plier to squish crimps shut, it’s not the strongest option for jewelry finishing. This crimping tool is specifically designed to create closures that will last a lifetime. Instead of simply pressing crimps flat, it allows you to fold them over themselves for a super secure connection.

Wire cutter

Wire cutters are designed to cut through metal, so they’ll do wonders for your projects that use wire or chain! The slight angle makes it easy to create precise, close cuts. This is especially important for avoiding pointy ends in wire wrapping projects. This tool will last a long time as long as you only use it to cut metal — that means no using it for paper, thread or plastic!

Knot cutter

These petite snippers are perfect for cutting silk thread, like you would use for a knotted mala or a peyote stitch project. They’re designed to be a little more powerful than your everyday cutter so save them for tricky cuts like in between a pearl and a silk knot.


Not just for plucking your eyebrows! These tweezers give you a strong grip and their teeny tiny tips give them fantastic precision. You’ll be able to silk knot like the wind armed with a pair of these!