Amazonite: The Stone of the Amazon River

Amazonite, often called the Stone of Courage, was named after South America’s Amazon River, despite never actually being found in the river. Instead, it was discovered in places around Brazil. Today, Amazonite can be found in Brazil, the United States, Russia, Australia, and Zimbabwe.

Amazonite is a feldspar, which is a large and common family of rock formation next to Quartz. Amazonite can vary in glorious shades of light blue to mint green and displays a schiller of light caused by the natural inclusions, such as from gas cavaties or mineral intergrowths within the stone.

This beautiful gemstone empowers one to soul-search and move past the fear of judgment or confrontation with others. It is believed that this stone brings truth, communication, honor, hope, and integrity in one’s life. Amazonite may also enhance intuition, creativity, and intellect, thus making it a great stone for artists and students.