Make them Sparkle! A Guide to Gemstone Cutting Styles

It’s no secret we love our sparkly gemstones. We especially love when they catch the light and the colors practically glow! (cue heart eyes)

At Beadworks you will find not only an incredible selection of gemstone beads, but also a gorgeous array of gemstone charms and 14k gold bezel-set gemstone pendants as shown in the photo above!

Top: Tourmaline, Sky Blue Topaz, Citrine, Swiss blue Topaz, Aquamarine

Bottom: Citrine, Aquamarine, Kyanite

While gemstones are beautiful and unique even when they are in their raw form, nothing compares to an expertly and artfully cut gemstone. There are many different styles of gemstone cuts and shapes. Here are three of the most classic cuts that we love, and know you do too!

Rose Cut

Rose cut gemstones have a flat, smooth base, and a domed top that is covered with triangular facets. This cut doesn’t give off the same level of sparkle to the gemstone that other cuts do however, it is has a rich history and is a special cut for those who love a vintage look.

Brilliant Cut

Brilliant cut gemstones have triangular and kite-shaped facets that radiate outward from the center. As the name suggests, a brilliant cut gemstone has a bright and sparkly appearance and reflects the light brilliantly!

Step Cut

Step cuts use rectangular “step” facets on the face edges  and back of the gemstone. Emerald and baguette cut are both examples of a step cut gemstone. This type of cut shows off the gemstone’s color and clarity and give off a beautiful shine in the light.

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