The Positive Ruby

The history of the Ruby

Rubies color ranges from an intense crimson to a pale rose. Their deep rooted history with passion and power keeps this gemstone as one of the most popular adornments in jewelry. The name Ruby comes from the Latin word for red which is Ruber.  Early civilizations draw on the color of the Ruby and compare it to the blood that runs through our veins, creating the belief that Rubies hold the power of life. This memorable gemstone is a protection talisman, keeping it’s wearer safe and alert of any near danger.

Healing Properties

Not surprisingly, the Ruby is considered a blood stone. Wearing Rubies can help stimulate blood circulation. Have issues with circulation in your feet due to diabetes? Try making an anklet with a few Ruby beads. You will have a beautiful piece of jewelry that helps dispense its energy into you.

This gemstone stimulates the root chakra. Vibrations carried out through Rubies help ground you. If you notice you are having some issues letting things, having Rubies on your person might help. Take some time out of your day and sit down with some Ruby beads, focus on what you are having issues with and transfer that energy into your beads. Think about what needs to change and start stringing a necklace. With each bead you place on the string, remember what you need most at this moment and feel your energy flow through and mix with your Rubies. Soon you will feel more positive and have the strength you need to bring in more positive energy into your life.

Pieces that help promote positivity can be as small as a cocktail ring, or as large as a prayer bead necklace. Come in and take a Class if you need inspiration or guidance.