Energetic Orange Gemstone Charms to balance your Sacral Chakra

orange gemstone beads like Mandarin Garnet

Use orange gemstone charms and beads to unleash your creative power

Gemstone beads and charms can be more than merely decorative. Kyanite Orange Gemstone Charms or Mandarin Garnet gemstone beads for example could even help you align your sacral chakra. Orange is associated with the sacral chakra because it is a warm and vibrant color that is often associated with passion, creativity, and energy.  The sacral chakra is the second chakra located in the lower abdomen, just below the navel.

The sacral chakra is associated with creativity, sensuality, pleasure, and emotional balance. It is said to govern the reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, and lower back. When the sacral chakra is balanced, a person is said to experience a sense of joy, passion, and creativity, as well as healthy sexual and emotional expression.

You can pair the orange gemstone charm or beads with a gold pendant or gold charm for the sacral chakra for extra effect.

gold chakra pendants
Mandarin Garnet Gemstone Beads with Citrine beads are orange gemstones


When working with the sacral chakra, practitioners may incorporate the color orange into their practices, such as by wearing orange clothing, eating orange foods, or using orange gemstone  charms or beads. This is to help stimulate and balance the energy of the sacral chakra.

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Orange Gemstone Charms in Carnelian on 18K

To use an orange gemstone charm for sacral chakra clearing, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a gemstone charm that is associated with the sacral chakra, such as orange Carnelian, Brandy Citrine, or orange Kyanite

  2. Hold the gemstone charm in your hand and set an intention for clearing and balancing your sacral chakra. You can say a simple affirmation, such as “I release any blockages in my sacral chakra and welcome in joy, creativity, and emotional balance.”

  3. Close your eyes and place the gemstone charm on your lower abdomen, just below the navel, where the sacral chakra is located.

  4. Visualize a warm, glowing orange light radiating from the gemstone charm and filling your lower abdomen with its healing energy. Imagine the light clearing any blockages or stagnant energy in your sacral chakra and bringing it back into balance.

  5. Stay in this meditation for as long as you feel comfortable, focusing on the sensation of the gemstone charm on your skin and the warmth of the orange light.

  6. When you feel ready, gently remove the gemstone charm from your abdomen and thank it for its healing energy.

You can repeat this practice as often as you like to help clear and balance your sacral chakra and promote emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Tips for chosing the best gemstone charm

Look for a stone with a smooth surface. The sacral chakra is associated with the element of water, so choosing a gemstone with a smooth surface can help to evoke a sense of fluidity and ease. Some examples of smooth gemstones that can help balance the sacral chakra include smooth bezel set cabochons or smooth rondelle gemstone beads.

Consider the energy of the stone. Each gemstone has a unique energy that can affect the chakras differently. Some gemstones may be more calming, while others may be more energizing. Consider the stone’s energy when selecting a gemstone charm. Does it feel good to you?

Trust your intuition. Ultimately, the best way to choose an orange gemstone charm to balance your sacral chakra is to trust your intuition. Hold different gemstones in your hand and see which one feels most resonant with your energy. Your intuition can be a powerful guide when it comes to selecting gemstones for chakra balancing.