About Philadelphia Store

Beadworks Philadelphia is celebrating over 20 years in the South Street /Queens Village area. A full service bead store with fresh ideas and a knowledgeable and helpful staff, Beadworks Philadelphia has everything you need to create the jewelry you want to wear.

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Waist Beads

The history and modern uses of waist beads Waist beads have been worn by women for as long as time has been recorded. Their history dates back to the early Egyptians as well as tribes in Western Africa. They were used for many reasons, mainly to symbolize status, entice the opposite sex, celebrate a young womans coming of age, or ...
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Know Your Symbols: Ankh

What does the Ankh symbolize? The Ancient History Encyclopedia defines an Ankh as a symbol from ancient Egypt, dating from the Early Dynastic Period and it is known as the “key of life” or “the cross of life”. The Ankh is seen most of the time in the hand of a god or worn on the body of Egyptian royalty ...
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How to use Silver Blackener

A few tips on blackening silver Sometimes things are easier than we make them out to be… oh isn’t that too true for so many aspects of life? I’m sure we can all relate but for right now, lets talk about making jewelry simpler!! Blackening your silver isn’t hard at all and comes in handy. Whether you have silver earwires, ...
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Smell Like a Bed of Roses

Who doesn’t love the smell of roses? Have you ever used Rose Essential Oil? Well, now is the time to start! Not only does it have a beautiful smell but it has some extremely helpful uses too. Rose Essential Oil calms your entire body inside and out. Merely breathing it in will decrease anxiety and stress. You can add a few ...
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Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl Victory Parade Feb 8th!

Beadworks will be closed Feb 8th due to parade! We apologize for any inconvenience but don’t fret loves, we will reopen Friday Feb. 9th @12pm for all your beading needs   Philadelphia is busy preparing for an all day celebration tomorrow starting with the Superbowl Parade at 11am. Street closure alerts, traffic restrictions, and SEPTA schedules can be found online so ...
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Gem Show Time!

Gem Show Alert February’s Fabulous Gem Show is coming up so get ready! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming gem show which will be held in store so come on in, the show is free and all our welcome. Jewelry designers of all levels of expertise and and gemstone lovers will truly enjoy this two day event! If you ...
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Go Birds!

Well, we wouldn’t be authentically Philly if we weren’t excited to see the Eagles in the Superbowl! And we also wouldn’t be true jewelry addicts if we didn’t celebrate with an Eagles-inspired combination of green and mystic labradorite… In all seriousness, our favorite sports teams can provide great color scheme inspiration — plus, there’s something so fun about a subtle ...
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Age of Aquarius!

The Water Bearer: January 19 – February 18 Aquarius embodies the transition from earthy, hardworking Capricorn to mystical, dreamy Pisces: forward-thinking and idealistic, Aquarians are drawn to unconventional, creative solutions. Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer, but you’ll notice that in most depictions the water bearer is spilling the contents of their urn. Aquarius urges us to play an ...
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The Beader’s Toolbox: Who’s Who?

ALL TOOLS AND SUPPLIES ARE 30% OFF ALL MONTH! To celebrate our January sale, here’s a primer on the basic tools every beader should have in their toolbox! Needle nose plier Use this plier to get a good grip on things that are too tiny for fingers to manage alone, or to pinch down sharp ends on wire wrapping projects ...
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