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Kyanite Beads: Too Beautiful and Powerful to be Kept a Secret

Kyanite beads

Kyanite beads are a gemstone insider secret. Renowned in rock hound circles for its unique physical properties, kyanite presents in a sapphire-like blue, spring green, or intense orange and is often cut into striking beads for use in jewelry making or set in charms, pendants or rings.¬† Gem Collectors Prize Kyanite’s Unique Properties Kyanite, a […]

Kyanite Gemstone Beads in Faceted Squares

blue and green kyanite gemstone beads in faceted Squares

Our Kyanite Gemstone Beads in Faceted Squares, available in both Blue Kyanite and Green Kyanite options feature a unique faceted geometric shape and perfect and subtle graduation in size. Blue Kyanite is believed to be a powerful stone for communication and self-expression. It is said to enhance the clarity of thought, stimulate the throat chakra, […]

Healing with Kyanite

Healing Properties of Kyanite¬† Kyanite is a stunning natural blue gemstone found in many parts of the world such as Nepal. However, most Kyanite is mined here in the United States, specifically in Virginia. Blue Kyanite is admired by many gemstone enthusiasts because of its radiant denim-blue color and its metaphysical healing powers. Create your […]