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Yellow Sapphire and Orange Sapphire Beads: The Perfect Summer Stone

Yellow sapphire and orange sapphire strands

All the Colors Summer Demands Yellow sapphire and orange sapphire beads embody summer, the season of warmth, vitality, and abundance. As we embrace the joys of longer days and sun-filled afternoons, it’s only natural to gravitate towards colors that reflect this energy. Irene Neuwirth’s one of a kind¬†Tropical Flower Necklace¬†captures this vibe perfectly.¬† If you […]

Multicolor Sapphire Beads – Supercharge the Metaphysical Possibilities!

multicolor sapphire beads and loads of gemstone charms

Multicolor sapphire beads as rondelles are small, flat, disc-shaped beads that are faceted to create a sparkling effect. These beads can come in a range of colors, including blue, pink, yellow, green, and purple, and they also come in a range of qualities which is reflected in the range of prices. The rondelle shape is […]