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What is a Rune and how can it bring Happiness, Luck or find missing keys?

Elder FUTHARK runes

A rune can be a lot of things. In this case it’s a letter from the old viking language that you see all over Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer in the Marvel movies, as well as artefacts from that era. There’s an extensive list of uses for runes, and their history is just as varied. What exactly […]

Talismans, charms, amulets…What’s the difference?

Image of black, white, and silver mala

Everyone knows someone who has a lucky rabbit’s foot and someone else who just knows that you need a piece of quartz to set your energy to rights, making life just a little bit better. Those are charms and talismans, and they can actually give you a little help. Here’s why: Intent The most important […]