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  • Essential Oils Perfect for Pisces Season

    Lava beads with Lavender essential oil

    Scents of the Season

    We already know that there are gemstones associated with the different months and the different zodiac signs. Why not take it a step further and look into which essential oils will enhance the season? Essential oils …

  • Buddha Bracelet Class

    Buddha Bracelets at Beadworks

    Learn to Make a Buddha Bracelet

    You may have heard this piece of jewelry called a wrist mala, Buddha Bracelet, Buddhist Prayer beads, or yoga bracelet. These bracelets are known to help with focus, calm, and meditation, no matter what …

  • Wellness Workshop: Essential Oils

    Essential Oil surrounded by Lava Beads at Beadworks

    Learn More About the Benefits of Essential Oils

    Join us for an informative workshop with an expert on all things essential oils. Krista Zilberg will lead this hands-on workshop at Beadworks where we will dive into the world of oils.…

  • DIY Wire Wrapped Gemstone Ring Class

    Wire wrapped rings made at Beadworks

    Make Your Own Wire Wrapped Ring

    Do you have some gemstones lying around that would look PERFECT in the spotlight? We’ve got a great class coming up that will help you improve your wire wrapping skills and create a perfectly …

  • All About Aquamarine

    Aquamarine gemstone strands, beads, and pendants

    All About Aquamarine

    Your time has come, March babies! Beautiful blue aquamarine is our gemstone this month. You have probably seen its sparkly, delicate, light blue hues in many necklaces and rings.

    Aquamarine is usually mined in Brazil, but can …

  • Got the Blues?

    We’ve got something to cheer you up! All throughout March everything BLUE will be 30% off! Yes, that means gemstone strands, semi-precious strands, gemstone rondelles, and seed beads.

    Think of all the possibilities! Blue Buddhist Prayer Beads, a bracelet …

  • How to Make the Most out of a Full Moon

    blue moon

    You may have uttered the phrase “must be the full moon”. Whether it is because situations surrounding you feel completely wacky or things just feel  a little “off”, it’s hard not to notice a shift.

    This is no coincidence. The …

  • How to Use Leather Cord Ends

    Learn how to use Leather Cord in your Handmade Jewelry

    Leather cord in handmade jewelry making is having a moment right now. Gemstone beads and pearls pair beautifully with suede lace, deerskin lace or leather cord. Customers at Beadworks are …