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  • Learn How To Macrame With Us!

    Macrame bracelet made with cotton cord and a hamsa hand charm

    Macrame & Boho Fashion

    If you were around during the 70’s, you’ve heard of macrame. For those of you who came later, you probably know macrame by now too! The popularity of this classic knotting technique has had its ups …

  • Mega Metals Event & Sale!

    Strands of assorted gold plated and silver plated beads

    Calling all metal heads! Beadworks is having a fantastic metals event this weekend that you will not want to miss.

    This weekend we will be showcasing our brand new charms, chains, and strands, along with our tried and trusted metals …

  • Wooden Beads: the Versatile Superstar

    Wooden Beads strands including Rosewood

    Wooden Beads

    You know we love our gemstone beads here at Beadworks, but we want to take some time to shine the spotlight on one of our other favorites, wooden beads! Our natural bead selection is truly vast and there …

  • Nepali and Tibetan Jewelry

    turquoise pendants from nepal and tibet and a charm with the Tibetan om symbol

    People are becoming more concerned with the meaning behind the jewelry that they wear. It is important to look into the cultural significance of the charms and gemstone beads that you choose for your jewelry and can make for a …

  • Store Closed April 1st

    Beadworks will be closed on Sunday, April 1st! Yes, it’s true. We would never play such a cruel April Fool’s joke on you guys!

    We hope you have an amazing Sunday. Regular hours will resume on April 2nd, so …

  • Make Your Own Statement Earrings

    Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing shoulder duster earrings with pearls

    Statement earrings are a great way to put your jewelry making knowledge to use. One trend that we have been noticing is shoulder duster earrings, which are just statement earrings that dangle all the way to the shoulders (and then …

  • Pisces Season is Upon Us!

    Pisces Season: February 18-March 20

    The season of the fish is here, meaning we are in for a time of introspection, reflection, and diving deep within. This is a great time to begin or commit deeper into a meditation practice …

  • Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Class

    supplies for oil diffuser bracelet using lava beads

    Bring on the Scents of Spring

    Join us for a celebration of the Spring Equinox at Beadworks! We’ve decided to host an Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry Making Class specially designed to welcome the new season. Help yourself ease out of …

  • Make Your Own Prayer Beads

    prayer beads workshop at Beadworks

    You can call it a mala, yoga beads, or Buddhist prayer beads. Whatever you call it, know that this piece of jewelry will aid with meditation and focus. Even the act of making the bracelet or necklace is in itself …