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Yellow Sapphire and Orange Sapphire Beads: The Perfect Summer Stone

Yellow sapphire and orange sapphire strands

All the Colors Summer Demands Yellow sapphire and orange sapphire beads embody summer, the season of warmth, vitality, and abundance. As we embrace the joys of longer days and sun-filled afternoons, it’s only natural to gravitate towards colors that reflect this energy. Irene Neuwirth’s one of a kind Tropical Flower Necklace captures this vibe perfectly.  If you […]

Claim your Power: Unblock your Solar Plexus Chakra

solar plexus chakra charms and gemstone beads

Solar plexus chakra healing is important since it is an important energy center that is associated with personal power, self-esteem, confidence, and willpower. Gemstone beads can be powerful aids in this healing. The solar plexus chakra, also known as the Manipura chakra, is located in the upper abdomen area and is associated with personal power, […]

6 Factors that Give Gemstone Beads Their Stunning Colors

rainbow of 14K set gemstone beads and charms

When choosing gemstone beads for jewelry making, I’d be willing to bet that color was one of the main considerations. Gemstones have been admired for their beauty and valued for their rarity for thousands of years. One of the most striking aspects of gemstones is their color, which can range from the bright red of […]

Multicolor Sapphire Beads – Supercharge the Metaphysical Possibilities!

multicolor sapphire beads and loads of gemstone charms

Multicolor sapphire beads as rondelles are small, flat, disc-shaped beads that are faceted to create a sparkling effect. These beads can come in a range of colors, including blue, pink, yellow, green, and purple, and they also come in a range of qualities which is reflected in the range of prices. The rondelle shape is […]

Blue Topaz Gemstone Beads: A Ridiculously Flattering Addition to your Jewelry Collection

london blue topaz gemstone beads

Blue Topaz gemstone beads, known for their captivating hues, hold an irresistible allure for jewelry enthusiasts around the world. With shades ranging from pale sky blue to deep London blue, this versatile gemstone is an enchanting addition to any collection. In this blog post, we will explore the beauty of Blue Topaz gemstone charms and […]

TOP 3 Fall Gemstones and their Healing Properties

TOP 3 Fall 2022 Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making Now that Fall has finally arrived, we’re trading in our Summer jewelry for necklaces and bracelets drenched in rich and saturated jewel-tone colors. We’ve been loving ruby-red hues, royal blue shades, and Earth-tone gemstone beads. Here’s a list of our favorite and most popular Fall gemstone […]

Make them Sparkle! A Guide to Gemstone Cutting Styles

It’s no secret we love our sparkly gemstones. We especially love when they catch the light and the colors practically glow! (cue heart eyes) At Beadworks you will find not only an incredible selection of gemstone beads, but also a gorgeous array of gemstone charms and 14k gold bezel-set gemstone pendants as shown in the […]

What Are Mystic Gemstone Beads?

Mystic Gemstone Beads There are so many spectacular gemstones that are created and mined from our Earth. Gemstones that are used in handcrafted jewelry are often drilled and referred to as beads. Beads come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and specifications. For example, there are natural gemstone beads and enhanced gemstone beads. While some […]

The Healing Properties of Tourmaline

Healing Powers of Tourmaline Tourmaline is a popular gemstone that is admired for its beauty and metaphysical healing properties. It can be found in many different shades of colors such as pink, green (or a combination of both), blue, brown, and black. Thankfully, many tourmaline beads come in multi-colored strands! Here are some of the […]