All the Wholesale Gemstones and Jewelry Supplies You Need are at Beadworks

Beadworks has a fabulous wholesale program for jewelry designers with great discounts, extraordinary selection and expert staff and and much more like trade-only buying events, special promotion and First-Peek notifications of inventory. Please check our calendar to see what we have coming up. Just complete our Online Wholesale Application or submit documentation to us in-store and we’ll set you up with a wholesale account immediately.

What Qualifies for Wholesale Status at Beadworks?

Wholesale customers are those that sell their jewelry as a business and they have registered their business with the goverment. We support our wholesale customers with great discount, brillant selection and excellent customer support. We also protect our designers by insuring our discounts are reserved for legitimate business customers with the following requirements. Sales tax documents are the best documentation but we can also accept business registration documents. Every state or country is different and we can accept your documents regardless of where you are registered, so jewelry designers from Delaware to California are welcome!

If you have questions about whether you are qualified, please don’t hesitate to submit an application and we will contact you directly. If you are just getting started and have not registered as a business, we still have a program that might apply to you. Please see our Budding Designer Program.

Just getting started selling your handmade jewelry?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Perhaps you have begun selling your handmade beaded jewelry at craft fairs, church bazaars or on Facebook but you have not yet registered your business for a Sales Tax license. Maybe you have just sold a couple pieces would would really like to pursue a future as a jewelry designer. Beadworks has a program to help, our Budding Designer Program, that offers some discounts on all the products we carry to help you get your business off the ground. Sales tax is still charged on all purchases until you have a registered sales license but the discounts allow you to price your handmade beaded jewelry competitively and still make money. To see if you are qualified, please complete our online application and give us all the details of your current selling activities including any Etsy, website or Facebook link. We’ll get back to you right away!